High Ranks

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High Ranks

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:08 pm

*When you see PNxR (Pack Name x Rank), that is a tag. It is used as a reminder for who has what rank*

Alpha - The Alphas enforce the rules of the pack,  and give instructions daily and sometimes (if there is nothing much to report) weekly.

Beta -  The Betas can deliver information to the different leaders of the other ranks and substitute as Alphas when both of the original Alphas who have recruited them injured or sick, or rank up when they travel the Star Road.

Delta - The Deltas are Betas-in-training and follow the Betas' training for when they become Beta if the Beta becomes Alpha.

*The next few Ranks are all evenly ranked*

Lead Warrior - The Lead Warrior receives the battle strategies from the Alphas or Betas, and gives them to the Warriors and leads them during the War.

Lead Hunter - The Lead Hunter receives the hunting formations from the Alphas or Betas and gives them to the Hunters and takes them to the sights the Alpha has given to catch the prey needed to survive.

Lead Guard - The Lead Guard gives out the posts to the other Guards and then takes their own. If anything happens, the Lead Guard will be called to aid the others.

Lead Gatherer - The Lead Gatherer takes the rest of the Gatherers and goes to the gathering spot to pick some fresh herbs for the Medics.

Lead Medic - The Lead Medic tells the Lead Gatherer what herbs he or she needs currently to help the wolves and tells the Alpha where they are found.


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