Middle Ranks

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Middle Ranks

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 16, 2017 4:45 pm

Shamen - The Shamen can communicate with spirits and come up with prophecies. A Shamen is crucial to any pack.

Elder - The Elders are wolves who have retired their job or are too old and fragile to continue them, and are highly respected for their wisdom.

*All these ranks are on the same rank platform*

Warrior - The Warriors of the pack fight during Wars and train with the Lead Warrior. They also get taken with them when the Alpha is called to take care of a Loner.

Hunter - The Hunters go to the Hunting sites to search for local prey to eat.

Guard - The Guards take their posts daily and nightly to scan the area for invaders.

Gatherer - The Gatherers follow the Lead Gatherer to a Gathering site.

Medic - The Medics of the pack get injured or sick wolves and take care of and try to prevent them going to the Star Road.

Recruiter - The Recruiter gets taken with the Alpha when a Loner wishes to Join the pack.

*The rankings are back to the high to low order*

Gamma - Just a normal wolf. They are Omegas who prove their worth to the pack.


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