Lower Ranks

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Lower Ranks

Post by Admin on Wed May 03, 2017 9:15 pm

Messenger - The Messenger takes and gives messages to other packs and their members

Pup-Sitters - The Pup-Sitters take care of the pups. They stay in the Nursery Den with the pups and are skilled in defense and have medical skills to protect the pups.

Omega - The Omega is the lowest rank out of all of them. They get the last food pickings and are the peacemakers of the packs.

Apprentice - The Apprentices of the pack train to be one of the Middle Ranks by the Leader of the rank. This rank is optional for Juveniles but recommended because Juveniles who don't become Apprentices become Omegas. 9/10 times, Juveniles choose to become Apprentices.

Juveniles - The Juveniles of the pack take care of the Elders. They bring them food and help them navigate if they forget the layout of the territory.

Pups - The Pups don't do much but stay in the Nursery Den with the Pup-Sitters.


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